The Kids are alright

I put too much to get too little back. When I love you, I do. For real. Not the love ya, luh you. I love you. but apparently, it’s not enough. Me putting you before me isn’t enough. I learned this already, but I thought it would be different the next time around. One day someone would eventually see how hard I love and care and do it back. One day. 

But the older I get, the more I get to realize, people love their own voices and their own reality. They get used to the love and care that you give them, that the slightest slip up they forget all the love you have given. They don’t realize, people won’t care about you this much. People don’t give a fuck how you feel. But I did. I cared about you and your happiness and you never saw that. 

If you’re so quick to condemn me, then did you ever love me? Did you really know me? 

I guess I’ll love from a distance, I’ll give an inch of me to you like everyone else does. I’ll like you but not love you. I’ll care for you but only on the surface. Cause that’s what friendship is right. Fake.

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